Friday, April 8, 2011

Congress: don't give money to Planned Parenthood

I read in the news this am that the good prolife Republicans have held their ground and not compromised or sold out the unborn/preborn citizens of America to the killing-party-of-Democrats. And I say thank GOD!
Hold on prolife Republicans--the nation is on your side in every way. Don't sacrifice millions of tiny innocent humans to please that wicked Obama and his band of thugs/mercenaries/killers-of-innocents. It is the ages-old battle of good vs evil. Obama would kill off even his own children if he thought he'd be reelected. Evil people do not put any value in human lives except their own.
It is better to fire the government bureaucrats [the 800,000 unnecessary in a depression] employees than kill the future generations. And fire the assassins of tiny humans too--get the Planned Parenthood abortionists or any abortionist off the DoD budget. And if that means the military would not get paid, well. didn't this nation start with an unpaid militia of men protecting/defending their own lands and families, providing their own weapons & support, and food? And didn't the nation win that war ? {The American Revolution]?.
And on the topic of legislation and laws:
I read this morning two articles on the topic of law the American way. One was in Slate magazine online entitled, "Cowardly, Stupid & Tragically wrong' about the Dept of Justice's Eric Holder deciding to create a two-tier level of 'justice' deciding BEFORE a trial who gets special treatment and who doesn't. It was about the DOJ decision to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a Military Court instead of a US federal Court. I suspect that has EVERYTHING to do with Obama's cozy relationship with the Muslims as a Muslim and the clue "Sheik" [Prince in Arabic, I think] and the name Mohammed. They want a secret trial so as to only give him a slap on the wrist and say 'you naughty boy", then wink-wink. But I am not surprised about the two tier 'justice' as the article stated it, since I endured the bottom tier as a victim of domestic violence several times, when I was told IF I wanted justice I had to hire a lawyer since prosecuting cocaine-addicts [the man who injured me several times] was not what Colorado wanted to do [and what they didn't say but I understood was that they get MEGA Money from drug addicts but none from law-abiding Reg Nurses who were injured]. I actually think a 3 tier better describes it: one for Congress, one for Sheiks from foreign places, and one for the poor,injured,handicapped,tiny in the womb. It's not Constitutional but it is reality;otherwise there would be NO abortion and no euthanasia in hospitals [euphemistically renamed 'assisted suicide' to fool fools].
And the other article I read on the topic of law the American Way, is the article in, entitled "Justice Dept to Congress: Don't saddle 4th Amendment on us"; about the Obama administration's attempt to get control of all emails anywhere. As it currently is, emails 'in the cloud' at theirs for the plucking, but emails on computers in your home require a search warrant. Obama is an African King sort. If you want to see how they think study Gadhafi in Libya, or any of the about to be deposed kings on the African continent. He thinks he is the law and has probably never actually read the US Constitution as it written, but only the "Cliff Notes" that 'interpreted' it according to Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood is the most evil, repugnant organization ever, since it preys upon the tiniest most defenseless humans . The people who run it should be tried for crimes against humanity and hung.
Gloria Poole,RN;@my apt in Missouri; 9:19am;8-April-2011

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