Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FEC:Why is Facebook unregulated since gift Dems?

This is my open letter to the Federal Election Campaign Office [FEC] that supposedly regulates federal elections to keep them honest:

In the New York Times courtesy of Google, I read this am how Facebook is planning to hire Robin Gibbs, who is intimately familiar with the current administration that is planning to mount a reelection campaign, as what a lobbyist or a spy for Dems, who knows? And the same article told of the close to Clintons employee of Facebook, and the close to- US- Supreme-Court employee of Facebook. It is very apparent to citizens who don't work for the federal government that the Democratic Party controls Facebook and gets many gift in kind perqs from them such as the info and data of Facebook users to contact privately for FREE. So why is the FEC looking the other way on this ethics problem of Facebook underwriting the Democratic Party? Why is the FEC NOT regulating/monitoring the many perqs the current President, the current Secretary of State who is planning to run for President, and the current Democrats in office? WHY is Facebook being allowed to donate time.their users' info, their platform, their staff, their CEO to the Democratic Party without being held to the standards of contributors to federal elections?
I smell a skunk in Facebook's cozy relationship with federal democrats; and I expect the FEC to begin hauling in their records and monitoring Facebook and Democrats including Obama who are utilizing its services as campaign HQ online.
Either monitor- regulate the dems on the issues of fair,honest elections or don't regulate the Republicans. It is not the purpose of the FEC to suppress the Republican Party, while giving wink-wink free reins to the Democrats. Gloria Poole,RN ;@my apt in Missouri;11:23am;29/March/2011

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