Friday, March 12, 2010

Viriginia Christian Churches taking down Planned Parenthood

A quote of Pastor Jerome Hancock of Southside Church of the Nazarene in Chesterfield, Va. from article in the Christian Broadcasting Network [CBN] news that gives me hope that
in time, abortion will end. I quote from the article:
"Today, this African American pastor is declaring war against Planned
Parenthood," said Rev. Joe Ellison, vice president of the Council
on Biblical Principles. "We're asking pastors to shut them down
in their communities. We're asking pastors to pray them out
and we're asking Planned Parenthood to leave our children alone."
And another quote :
"We're asking the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general to use the
full force of their elected office to help us de-fund once and for all Planned Parenthood,"
said Don Blake, chairman of the Virginia Christian Alliance. "Taxpayer funds do not belong
in the hands of Planned Parenthood."
All I could add is a hallelujah praise prayer : "YES LORD JESUS, and thank you for answered prayers"! Virginia, show what you are made of and shut down Planned Parenthood!

Read article at:
4:02 PM 3/12/2010
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This is a new blog for me intended for my prolife platform. I do have other blogs and some of them are a motley assortment of my genre photography,and my paintings, and my writings. But this one, since it has my professional status as Registered Nurse in the url address, is for comments and news on the prolife anti-abortion cause.
Gloria Poole, RN; Missouri; time is 4:24pm 12-March-2010

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