Thursday, March 18, 2010

N Kristof you missed the mark again, my reply

This is my response to the article in the NY Times this morning written by Nicholas Kristof. He is pitching a sales pitch for Obama as usual. The two most striking comments he made while trying to persuade Congress to pass a sweeping socialist takeover of health care, are that he said that children under the age of 5 are 2 1/2 times more likely to die in America than in countries abroad, and that women who are pregnant are more likely to die in childbirth in America than abroad.
I am a Registered Nurse and that is well known about me since I went to nursing school one week after I turned 18 and that was 4 decades ago. And I went back to school at the University of Georgia to get different credentials. In the course of my professional career I worked in many situations at many levels from hands-on nursing to administrative supervisor for a Trauma-designated hospital in Roswell Georgia. I learned a whole lot. A whole lot more than I learned in nursing school in those positions. I also had some teaching duties as In-service educator and I taught some classes for the American Red Cross on CPR and community first aid. I wrote all of that to get to these points:
1) I am not ignorant on the subject of health care as are Obama, Sebelius and Kristof.
2) The reason small children are more likely to die in America is precisely because the Congress, the US Supreme Court, the main stream presses all discuss them as if they are not real people but merely pieces of cells to be disposed of at whim. When that attitude prevails there is not a culture of life in America. Small children and including those in the womb are the scapegoats of all of America's problems just as the Jews were the scapegoats for the problems with socialism in Nazi Germany. When socialism fails in a nation as indeed it must since it is built upon the false premise that resources for governments and or families are unlimited and only have to be controlled or regulated by governments, then the leader at the time it fails starts looking for some way to hold onto to his salary and perqs. Children in the womb in this nation are an endangered species and the good people in this nation are realizing that.
3) Women who are pregnant are more likely to die for the same reason. They are bombarded with propaganda about how their lives would be ruined if they produced living children, and they are put guilt complexes on by sorry no good men who impregnated them about how they will lose their salaries and job benefits and woe to that sorry no good husband then, and they become conflicted in their spirits about what is the most blessed and wonderful event that could ever happen to them. Their anxiety arises,and with it their blood pressure and their risks. They find bad doctors who also do abortions in many cities and don't even know that fact. When a doctor is also doing abortions-chopping and shredding human babies-- in some instances, but expected to deliver a live, screaming, wriggling baby in other circumstances, the living babies cause them extreme guilt that they have to deal with instantly. I suspect their natural inclination after having killed babies for pay is to smother the living baby too. Or wring the neck of the baby before the baby is delivered. I am not the first person to say that a house divided whether the house is soul or a government does not stand. Doctors whose committment is to killing are only made to feel guilty by live screaming, wriggling babies just born.
I pray that Nicholas Kristof wisens up. I would ask him to make an appointment to watch in the delivery room when a live baby is born and to work on a labor -delivery unit before he sounds off on what he does not know about.
Gloria Poole, RN; Missouri. Time is 8:43 aM,18-March-2010
I signed back in to to edit some typos and decided to add these for you to get more info. Please see my painting I painted and named 'midwife' and read the lesson on how to deliver a baby at home for those of you who have reason to distrust your doctor or hospital on this blog of mine also; and scroll to that entry. And see the photos of the tiny humans as they look in the womb at this site of mine:
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