Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Midwife oil painting by Gloria Poole ,RN, artist of Missouri and Georgia

I, Gloria Poole, am putting my photo of the oil painting I drew, painted, signed, photographed and uploaded to this blog [and also to my blog years ago]. I named this painting "midwife" because it is about a home delivery by a midwife of a human baby. I wrote a lesson for this oil painting to teach how to deliver a baby at home if you ever had too; and you can find it on in the archives. This blog and all content of it, all words, all photos and all art on it belongs to me Gloria Poole currently residing in Missouri but born in state of Georgia. Copyright Notice: I, Gloria Poole, also known as Gloria as signed by me on this painting and on all art I create and also as gloriapoole and gloria-poole, and other variations of my real name own all rights to this blog and to all content of it. It may not be reprinted, reproduced, copied , or downloaded by anyone without my written and notarized permission. See full copyright and disclosure notices on the about me page of this blog.

Here is some good news for prolife activists:

Jackson Hole, Wyoming news: prolife activist won his lawsuit against the city for arresting him for protesting abortion with banners.


A prolife activist wins reimbursement from NOW [National organization of Women} for their attempt to force him to quit protesting abortion by a lawsuit intended to harass and persecute him:

Gloria Poole,RN, artist at my apt in Missouri, which is not shared with anyone and is a private residence of mine; 30-April-2014 at 5:38pm