Wednesday, January 29, 2014

words that WORK for the prolife cause

This post is prompted by some of the #prolife tweets I read recently. There are a lot of Bible scriptures about the use and importance of words. One of those particularly compelling is the words of JESUS as written: "for by thy words thou shalt be justified and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. " in Matthew 12: 37 , King James Holy Bible. The #prolife community has to stop using the words of propaganda that the prodeathers use! There is no such "right" as the right to abortion. Read the U S Constitution!

And the euphemism of "prochoice" is a HORROR. Would it be acceptable to write that buzz phrase when saying for example "the Nazis were 'prochoice" in killing of Jews and skinning them for lamp shades? "Or when writing another example of "the white slave owners were 'prochoice' in owning black people and killing them whenever they pleased?" It is sickening!

To the #prolife community of @personhoodUSA; @personhoodFL; @personhoodMS; @prolife; @personhood_OK; @ohiolife; #reverseRoe, @TxAllianceforLife; @Students4LifeHQ; @prolifeAction; @AUL; @standtrue; @SBAList: you must use the proper language. Do not be a house divided. Do not repeat the mantras of the prodeath killing organizations. Do not help their cause! Think about what you say and write. If you cannot think of anything appropriate, then use these scriptures:

Jeremiah 1:5, KJV

Matthew 18:14, KJV

Exodus 20:13

Psalms 139:13-16

John 10:10

Job 10:12,

Genesis 1: 27-28

Genesis 9:6

Do not confuse voters by repeating the words that the evil Planned Parenthood has pumped into public schools, and Universities by the millions paid for with U S taxpayer dollars that was snuck in through the Dept of Defense budget, and other budget items controlled by White House. Be creative. Speak truth the nation. It is not a "choice" to kill. It is a SIN. Humans are not "USDA prime" for research! They are made in the image of GOD according to Genesis 1: 27-28, KJV. It is not a "woman's issue" but concerns all humans, all citizens, all GOD-fearing, law-abiding people. It is not acceptable to GOD according to Exodus 20:13. Please think about what you tweet. Don't be carriers of propanganda for evil! Speak truth of GOD and write it too.

Gloria Poole, RN artist at my apartment in Missouri; 29-January-2014; 10:24am.