Saturday, July 27, 2013

Prolifers of the world, Unite

I read the news of almost all countries from time to time. There are 2 comments I want to make on that subject. First, the generic news of any country almost never present the prolife side of the news. And, the cause-specific news are so persecuted by the govt harassment agencies for the purpose of censorship that they have limited means to distribute their newsletters. The second point I want to make is that there seems to be thousands of prolife groups across the nation. Every county and city usually has a chapter, plus every University or college worth its salt also does. And churches have their own prolife group usually. So, it begs the question: since 52% of the population say they are prolife, why aren't laws being passed to end abortion as a so-called "right" since it is the premeditated murder of an innocent, tiny, defenseless human in the womb? Since prolifers are the MAJORITY voter in the US now, why are there no prolifers in Congress?

And why is the heinous act of premeditated murder of tiny defenseless humans in the womb still tolerated in the U S?

It is imperative that the prolifers unite for a common cause of ending abortion in the US in order to get the blessings of GOD on this nation again. The U S is crumbling as a republic. The Obama spynet is worst than the countries that were once communist. I really believe it is because the respect for human life was trampled on by the Obama administration, who laid a plan to depopulate the U S to its ruin.

Prolifers have to get better organized and they have to do something every day to end abortion: write; blog; march; protest; lobby; make art to support life; sing; write poems--something. Everyone can do something.

I think it was Charles Wesley [and yes, I know he was Methodist and I am Baptist], said; 'do as much as you can, as often as you can.."; or something like that. Someone spoke that quote to me years ago, and it stuck in my mind. Prolifers have been half-way committed to the cause of ending abortion since Roe v Wade infamous usurpation of power happened long ago. But wars are not won by half-hearted attempts. If you doubt that, ask yourself if you are a U S citizen why Vietnam is communist today when the U S "fought a war" there to stop communism. It was because it was the war of that time as the "war in Afghanistan " is now--a mock war, with the purpose of transferring as much of the wealth and military power of the U S to Muslim nations as possible while fooling most of the Congress at the same time. OH? You doubt that? How many Generals who wanted to win that "war" were fired by Obama?

My point is, that prolifers are too splintered a group. That is not an 'accident" but is carefully worked at by the Obama regime, who used the IRS in the past 2 years to intimidate and harass prolifers, and used the malware from the Pentagon to disrupt the computers and plans of prolifers; and the Dept of "Justice" to harass via Court [through the Planned Parenthood connection to DoJ] any prolife group or Legislature that dares question the killing plans of Obama.

But we, PROLIFERS, cannot let those who kill determine the future of the U S. We, who know that GOD wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill" {Exodus 20:13, KJV] have to PUSH* harder, do more, write more, protest more; march more, until human beings in the womb are safe from predators such as the killing group named to deceive that is euphemisticallly labeled "Planned Parenthood".

* footnote : PUSH means "pray until something happens".

Gloria Poole,RN at my apt in Missouri; 27-July 2013; 6:26pm. Also, fyi, I am the same white, Christian, single, woman who was born in the state of Georgia and who currently lives in Missouri, and who paints/ sketches, and draws art, and who blogs and photographs. I have other blogs also. See my profile pages on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft,wordpress, and Live Journal; tumblr.