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Thanks to Texas' PROLIFE Delegation for ltr to their Gov Perry; Words for Tim Tebow

I am quoting the news sent to my inbox to help publicize. The State of Texas has a strong PROLIFE Governor, thank GOD! The Legislature of Texas is encouraging him to do more, be bolder, and call a special PROLIFE session to accomplish their goals. From news sent to my inbox from w/ quotes: "Texas Right to Life is so proud of the Pro-Life Whip in the Texas House of Representatives,Representative Bryan Hughes, who drafted and circulated the following letter for signatures from his colleagues to urge Pro-Life Governor Rick Perry to again lead on protecting Life.  64 of the 150 House members joined Pro-Life Whip Hughes on the letter" . Here's the letter: May 24, 2013.

" Dear Governor Perry,

Thank you for the strong stands you take for life and for liberty.  The undersigned members of the House share your commitment to protect the sanctity of human life.  Despite an overwhelming pro-life majority in the House, not a single pro-life bill filed during this 83rd session reached the House floor. Since pro-life values are fundamental to us, and since the majority of Texans share these convictions, we are not willing to give up the fight.  In the struggle to defend life, we cannot take a day off – much less a legislative session.

In light of the increasing likelihood of a Special Session, we ask that you exercise your constitutional power and add pro-life bills to the call.

More specifically, we ask that you add the following matters to the call:

1.Protection of pain-capable unborn children from abortion at 20 weeks gestation;

2.Protection of women and unborn children by requiring abortion facilities to meet the same health and safety standards as ambulatory surgical centers; and

3.Protection of women and unborn children by requiring abortion doctors to secure and maintain privileges at an emergency room within thirty miles of the facility where they commit abortions.

4. Legislation ensuring that any Health Insurance Exchange (whether state or federal) set up in Texas does not include coverage for abortion.

On these matters of life, the will of the people has been frustrated thus far in the Regular Session. By adding these fundamentally important issues to the special session agenda, you can enable your pro-life House Members to defend innocent human life.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of our request, and thank you for your service to Texas.


Representative George Lavender
 House District 1

Representative Dan Flynn 
House District 2

Representative Cecil Bell, Jr.
House District 3

Representative Lance Gooden
 House District 4

Representative Bryan Hughes 
House District 5

Representative Matt Schaefer 
House District 6

Representative David Simpson 
House District 7

Representative Jim Pitts 
House District 10

Representative Kyle Kacal House District 12

Representative Lois Kolkhorst 
House District 13

Representative Steve Toth 
House District 15

Representative Brandon Creighton 
House District 16

Representative Tim Kleinschmidt 
House District 17

Representative James White 
House District 19

Representative Marsha Farney 
House District 20

Representative Greg Bonnen
 House District 24

Representative Dennis Bonnen
 House District 25

Representative Rick Miller 
House District 26

Representative Ed Thompson
 House District 29

Representative Geanie Morrison 
House District 30

Representative Scott Turner
 House District 33

Representative J. M. Lozano 
House District 43

Representative Jason Isaac 
House District 45

Representative Harvey Hilderbran 
House District 53

Representative Jimmie Don Aycock 
House District 54

Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson
 House District 56

Representative Trent Ashby
 House District 57

Representative Rob Orr 
House District 58

Representative Jim Keffer 
House District 60

Representative Phil King 
House District 61

Representative Larry Phillips 
House District 62

Representative Tan Parker 
House District 63

Representative Ron Simmons 
House District 65

Representative Van Taylor House District 66

Representative Jeff Leach 
House District 67

Representative Drew Springer 
House District 68

Representative James Frank 
House District 69

Representative Scott Sanford 
House District 70

Representative Charles Perry 
House District 83

Representative Phil Stephenson 
House District 85

Representative John Smithee
House District 86

Representative Four Price 
House District 87

Representative Jodie Laubenberg 
House District 89

Representative Stephanie Klick 
House District 91

Representative Jonathan Stickland 
House District 92

Representative Matt Krause 
House District 93

Representative Diane Patrick 
House District 94

Representative Bill Zedler 
House District 96

Representative Craig Goldman 
House District 97

Representative Giovanni Capriglione 
House District 98

Representative Stefani Carter 
House District 102

Representative Linda Harper-Brown
 House District 105

Representative Pat Fallon 
House District 106

Representative Angie Chen Button
 House District 112

Representative Cindy Burkett 
House District 113

Representative Bennett Ratliff 
House District 115

Representative Dan Huberty 
House District 127

Representative John Davis
 House District 129

Representative Allen Fletcher 
House District 130

Representative Bill Callegari 
House District 132

Representative Jim Murphy 
House District 133

Representative Tony Dale 
House District 136

Representative Dwayne Bohac
 House District 138

Representative Debbie Riddle 
House District 150"

A public thank you to Texas's Governor Rick Perry and the Texas House of Representatives' Prolife Delegation for having the courage of their convictions. GOD bless you in a might way!

Also, @TimTebow on twitter [NFL QB Tim Tebow] is a powerful Christian and PROLIFE witness on the field and on twitter. A lot of Christians are praying for him, that GOD will lead him to where HE wants him to be, and empower him to be all GOD intended. Here's an encouraging bit of news :

Quoting from w/ quote: "On Dungy's blog at All Pro Dad, he contended that a higher power essentially has the proper path slated for Tebow and that it will reveal itself eventually. Dungy also discussed how Tebow lifts the spirits of his teammates and is a flat-out winner who raises the morale in the locker room.

Dungy's advice was essentially for Tebow to stay patient, which has to be difficult at this point."

Quoting from : "LifeNews features a slate of top pro-life bloggers and activists including Ryan Bomberger, Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life, David Prentice, Andrew Bair, Rebecca Taylor, and leaders from groups like National Right to Life, Americans United for Life and the Susan B. Anthony List." and "One of the top people communicating the pro-life message in today’s pop culture world is Scott Klusendorf. Hot on his trail is Josh Brahm, one of the best and brightest young minds of the pro-life movement and someone dedicated to helping pro-life advocates make their message more effective in changing hearts and minds. Klusendorf himself has called Brahm “an excellent communicator, a rising star, and one of the most talented young pro-life apologists I know.”

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