Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yea! for AZ Gov J Brewer & PROLIFE states

Americans United for Life's list of most-pro-life states, ranks Louisiana as the number 1 most prolife state in US. . The organization ranks states based on efforts to "create and sustain a culture of life." The list was released Thursday.

And with great image of baby in utero says Arkansas is 4th most prolife state in nation.

And says Arizona is the 5th most prolife state in nation. Quote their Gov Jan Brewer: ""As a proud and passionate champion of pro-life legislation, I am truly elated and honored by this announcement," she said in a prepared statement" . Also, "Brewer pointed out that 20-week abortion ban was just one of the measures she signed last year. The governor also gave her approval to legislation that said any organization which provides abortions cannot participate in the Medicaid family planning program."

And Oklahoma is 2nd most prolife state according to this article:; with quotes: ""Personhood," a concept popular among abortion-rights opponents, holds that individual rights and constitutional protections begin at conception." A bill for personhood is being introduced in the Legislature on Feb 4th [already filed].

And Indiana is 7th most prolife state according to article: Also, quote: "The study says Louisiana is the most pro-life state in the union.  From the Tri-State, Indiana is ranked 7th, kentucky 17th and Illinois was 36th.  Washington was ranked last."

I am adding these url addresses to websites [news] that I looked at/ read to compose this; and also some quotes here because I try always to recognize the PROLIFE activities of prominent groups, people or Legislators. I can't say I do that perfectly, but I try. I think it is very important for the general public to read the prolife news and to understand the terms being used by the Press.

In general, the word prolife is from the Latin prefix pro- meaning for, in support of, and the word life. PROLIFERS are those who oppose the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb, or elsewhere but especially in the womb where they are the most vulnerable and defenseless. PROLIFERS are also anti-abortion.

I speak for myself always; and I am not ashamed of being prolife, in an environment where death is the goal of the Obama administration. It is as difficult to be prolife as it once was difficult to be an abolitionist in the times of Abe Lincoln in his Presidency. PROLIFERS are often vilified, persecuted, arrested for protesting or marching, shouted down, denied the "right" to address any Politician in public, harassed, ostracized. I know from experience of the past 20 yrs, writing on the prolife cause, beginning in the State of Georgia in the early 1990's.

I have endured many attempts on my very life, and physical assaults [when I lived in Colorado for yrs Dec 2002-Oct 2009] and I have endured near starvation also in those years as a "punishment" for opposing evil. GOD is good all the time! And I am alive because of GOD's supernatural intervention, more than once, for me.

Gloria Poole,RN; @ my apt in Missouri; 19-Jan-2013; 2:24pm.

Also, I updated a few of my blogs today; but they are all different, with unique content. A few of them have similar backgrounds but the content is different on each one. I added some of my sketches today also to : That blog also has a more recent photo of me [one from last yr].