Monday, November 1, 2010

Vote prolife Only-don't depopulate America

The news this am is that the dems plan a 1984 [book] approach to government control
where birth control for 'betas' is mandatory for any sort of 'health" visit to happen. They call it free birth control but what it really does is destroy a women's egg-producing ovaries. All part of government take-over of your life by socialist-communist party of Obama and company.

NEVER ever ever vote democrat. If you read their party platform and compare it to the
Bible, you will see who their real leader is and that would be the devil. It is the devil who kills innocents, and that wants to throw GOD in the garbage pile of history, and who regularly tries to prevent the teaching of GOD's words and commandments. Read these scriptures to understand:
John 14:6
John 10:10
Exodus 20:13
Matthew 18:14
Jeremiah 1:5
King James Holy Bible.
Gloria Poole,RN;@ home in Missouri;1-Nov-2010;@11:11AM

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